机构英文名称:Guangdong Huaxing Bank


广东华兴银行是经国务院有关部委批准,于2011年8月依法创新设立的一家混合所有制商业银行,注册资本80亿元,注册地位于汕头经济特区。目前已在广州、深圳、佛山、东莞、汕头、江门、珠海、惠州、中山设立9家一级分行,分支机构共计35家;全行资产规模超2000亿元,净资产超140亿元。截至2018年末,全行不良贷款率1.09%,拨备覆盖率218.13%,拨贷比2.37%,主要监管指标达标。 广东华兴银行立足大湾区,普惠中小微,服务高净值客户,围绕“力创城市精品 打造百年华兴”的愿景,坚持“高价值的银行 重合规的银行 强服务的银行”的企业使命,以“华兴银行 用心为您”为品牌口号,坚持“稳中求进 做出特色”的经营理念,高举“高质量发展 职业化发展”的发展理念,秉承“诚信 专注 稳健 简单 务实 高效”的核心价值观,坚持服务地方经济建设、服务实体经济、服务小微企业、发展普惠金融,致力于打造国内最具竞争力的城市商业银行。


Guangdong Huaxing Bank (GHB) is a commercial bank with diversified ownership lawfully and innovatively founded in August 2011 with the approval of the relevant ministries and commissions of the State Council, with a registered capital of RMB 8 billion and registered address in Shantou Special Economic Zone. Up to now, GHB has set up 9 tier-one branches and 35 subbranches respectively in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan, Shantou, Jiangmen, Zhuhai, Huizhou and Zhongshan, and it commands over 200 billion yuan in total assets and over 14 billion yuan in net assets. By the end of 2018, GHB registered a non-performing loan ratio of 1.09%, NPL provision coverage of 218.13%, and loan loss provision to gross loan ratio of 2.37%, meeting the goals for all main regulatory indicators. GHB bases itself upon the Greater Bay Area, develops inclusive finance to increase financial services for micro, small, and medium-sized businesses as well as high-net-worth customers. Around the vision of "creating boutique bank, building evergreen Huaxing", it upholds the corporate mission of "bank of high value, bank stressing compliance and bank focusing on services". Under the brand slogan of "GHB, just for you", it upholds the operation philosophy of "pursuing progress while ensuring stability". In addition, it advocates the development philosophy of "high-quality development, professional development", sticks the core values of "honesty, focus, stability, simplicity, pragmatism, efficiency", adheres to "serving local economic construction, real economy and small and micro enterprises, and developing inclusive finance", and strives to build itself into the most competitive urban commercial bank in China.